Greatest Accomplishments


I was talking to a business associate not too long ago about our accomplishments in life, and he asked me what my greatest accomplishment was.  I simply said, “it was my family”.   My wife Lisa and I have been married since 1975.  We have raised 4 wonderful children and have 6 even more wonderful grandchildren. All four of our children have served missions for our faith and have completed their education at various Universities here in the state.  I once heard someone say that the reason grandparents and grandchildren get along so well is because they have a common enemy!  But you can’t help but love them all.  

My Biography

My Family:

Parents: Richard and Elda Stevenson

Married Lisa John

Children: Nathan (Katie) and their children - Ashlyn, Natalie, Cole, Claire

Chase (Carrie) and their children -  Trent, Karlee



My Education:

Layton High “72”

Weber State University BS Business Admin/Marketing “76”

Utah State Master’s Program Hours Distributed Education 


Skiing, Boating, Hunting, Bee Keeping, Cars