Experience That Counts


Business Experience:

School Teacher (76-78)

I taught school on the high school level at Layton High for two years teaching Distributive Education Classes.  I was a sophomore football coach and the assistant wrestling coach during my tenure. 

Professional Career (1978-2013 retired 35 years)

I started my career with Carnation Company which was later purchased by Nestle Food Company. I began as a retail representative calling on local grocery stores in Northern Utah.  From that point I was promoted to the manager of the 4-state district which included Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Nevada. I was then promoted to Business Account Management and then to the National Store Brands Manager completing my career running an 80-million-dollar nation-wide business.   My career experience included managing people, training, goal setting, logistics, distribution, production, sales, budgets, performance reviews, and corporate representation for the company.  

Business Owner (97-present)

BJS Quality Homes LLC was a dream of mine that became a reality in 1997.  I had always been interested in the construction business and enjoyed building homes.  I was able to obtain my Residential Construction License and started the company along with my son Chase.  Owning a company is a very fulfilling and challenging experience.  During the recession when many construction companies went out of business, we were able to survive through hard work, smart financing, a quality product and good management of our assets.  We have never missed or delayed any financial obligation during our 20 years of being in business.  Our specialty has been in the custom homes market.  In 2011 I was appointed to the executive board of the Northern Wasatch Home Builders Association and in 2013 became the President. We have built several homes for the Northern Utah Parade of Homes. In 2014 after I became Mayor of Layton my son took over running the day to day operations of the business. 

Public Service:

Layton City Fire Department (1974-1988)

My first real experience with civic involvement began when I became a volunteer fire fighter.  Layton City was a very small community with around 15,000 residents.  When there was a fire or medical emergency the town fire siren would scream to alert us of the situation.  I was able to learn much about the early EMS programs that today saves lives and property throughout our area.  My interest in running for office came from my fire experience.  Our equipment was worn out and dated and we needed a new fire engine, but the city council would not approve the funds.  It bothered me because the council members had been in office for many years and were not acknowledging the growing needs of the fire department.  With a little encouragement, I ran for city council against a long-term incumbent.

city council 1982.jpg

Layton City Council (1982-1991)

I was elected to the city council when I was 27 years old.  I served for ten years and then chose to step down.  The city was just coming into the growth period of the 1990’s and it would have been an exciting time to serve but I held to my philosophy that, in politics, change is good.  Giving others a chance to serve and lead is important.  I had the opportunity during my tenure to serve with four different mayors, each very wise men who took the time to teach and mentor me.  In the last year of my council service, our city planner Scott Carter had suggested to me and councilman Jerry Stevenson, that we push Hill Field Road west through main street to the Union Pacific railroad tracks.   People thought we were crazy for wanting to put a road out through a corn field to nowhere, but that was the beginning of the West Hill Field Road and some exciting economic growth in Layton.

Layton City Mayor (2014-present)

In 2011 there were a few things going on in Layton City that I did not agree with.  I was concerned with direction the city was going.  I still had a few years to go before I would retire from Nestle but felt it was important to get back into the political arena.  We ran a good campaign but lost to the incumbent by about 130 votes.  Two years later I started to get requests to run again.  I was getting closer to retirement and was looking forward to running my construction company full time.  I retired on May 31, 2013 from Nestle and a few days later announced that I would run for Mayor.

Holding the office of Mayor has been a very humbling and gratifying experience.  Our success has been a team effort involving the city council, city employees, legislators, state agencies, county government, surrounding cities, the school board, and most importantly, the community. Many people, working together, have helped us reach our goals. Many who serve, and have served in the past, have created the Layton we are proud of today. I realize the importance of maintaining that legacy.


Public Experience

  • Utah Defense Alliance (Board Member)
  • Wasatch Integrated Waste Management (Board Member/Chairman)
  • North Davis Sewer District (Board Member)
  • Utah League of Cities and Towns (Board Member)
  • Davis Chamber of Commerce (Executive Board Member)
  • Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCU, Executive Board Vice President) 
  • Northern Utah Home Builders (Past President)
  • State Fire Marshalls Board (Past member)
  • Northern Utah Environmental Resource Agency  (NUERA Board/Past Chairmen)
  • Davis Arts Council (Past Board Member)
  • Air Force Military Command Civic Leader Program (Appointee HAFB)
  • Weber State Presidential Selection Committee (Appointed by Board of Regents)
  • Wasatch Front Regional Council (Board Member)